Craftsmanship and manufacture

Manufacturing a piece of furniture is still carried out according to artisan principles

Production of handmade furniture since 1973

Hjort Knudsen has made quality furniture at its own manufacturing plants since 1973. Here we have experienced, highly trained specialists who work side by side with hi-tech machinery. We know that experience and expertise is crucial to the quality and finish of the furniture. A good finish and proper quality control require both an expert hand and a trained eye. A large-scale production base means we can offer furniture

at attractive prices. Hjort Knudsen manufactures many of the sub-components itself. This enables us to control both quality and security of supply. This applies to molded foam, for example, as well as all metal and wooden frames.


What is Hjort Knudsen furniture made of?

Furniture from Hjort Knudsen is built to last. The basic elements are either solid wood or birch cross-veneer plywood and a frame of steel with tough ‘No-sag’ springs in the back. With the exception of a few individual models, all sofas contain cold cure foam in the seat, back and armrests.

The armchairs also have cold cure foam and No-sag springs in both seat and back. Unlike the sofas, the armrests for the chairs are manufactured in birch plywood.

Good craftsmanship equals furniture for life

Hjort Knudsen’s design team continually works to develop new designs and optimise existing ones. They do this based on their experience of what works best purely ergonomically with consideration for the furniture’s daily use. The design team develops new furniture every year. Their inspiration comes from both iconic designs and current trends.

We surround ourselves with furniture on a daily basis, therefore the items must not only be beautiful to look at, they also need to be durable, comfortable and give the body the chance to adopt different positions.

People are different and have very individual wishes and needs, which is why we offer our customers products with a broad range of possibilities, including different sofa setups and different levels of firmness in the back and seat upholstery.

Skilled professionals

The production of furniture remains a matter of true craftsmanship. Hjort Knudsen employs a large number of skilled professionals, all of whom are highly qualified within their area of specialisation, for example carpenters, smiths and machinists.








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