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Our history

It takes courage, hard work, skill and a large dose of stubbornness to get a newly started business to lasting success. Ina and Arne Hjort Knudsen had all of these. Back in 1968, they wanted to start a small business producing pencil cases and school bags out of their home.

The business grew steadily in terms of both its product range and sales figures throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The company then moved to bigger production premises and started manufacturing armchairs with swivel bases and recliner backs. The furniture was sold around the country by Danish furniture dealers. At this point, the company had 20 people employed.

The new international Hjort Knudsen takes shape

Since 1997 Ina and Arne’s son, Klaus Hjort Knudsen has managed the business, together with his wife Ellen Mønsted, after a successful generation shift that created ‘Hjort Knudsen A/S’.

In a globalised world and with competitiveness coming to a head, the company decided to purchase its first manufacturing space in Poland in 2000. Ten years later, production was expanded to Ukraine and later also to the UK.

In 2018 the company expanded its product range to start producing beds. Here too, the focus is on the many options for customising the bed: from measurements, construction and choice of headboard to firmness, surface coating, legs, etc.

The strategy involves achieving growth with new and attractive furniture designs that also give the customer ample opportunity to put together their very own piece of furniture.

Hjort Knudsen today and in the future

Today we have production, sales and sales offices in several European countries. Some 2300 skilled employees work across national borders so that we can deliver the best to our customers.

Our head office is located in Jutland, close to Billund Airport and Denmark’s magnificent west coast.

Professional expertise, hands-on help, propriety and good business acumen remain the core of the company’s values, just as they were in the small entrepreneurial business.