Danish comfort since 1973

Founded in 1973, Hjort Knudsen is a Danish, family-owned furniture business based on innovation and good craftsmanship.
We design, manufacture and sell furniture to our retail customers all over Europe. The company has a reputation in the furniture industry for being at the forefront of innovation. Hjort Knudsen is the developer and owner of a variety of patented techniques which aim to improve the user’s comfort. Hjort Knudsen also produces many of its own designs, from the classic sofa and chair to upholstered furniture in a contemporary design style.

High comfort

Our chairs, sofas and beds are manufactured from quality materials that provide comfort and durability, many of them also incorporating smart features that offer extraordinarily good comfort when seated or lying down.

Flexibility – Individuality

Hjort Knudsen’s production is capable of offering a wide range of sizes, modules, combinations, seats and levels of firmness, so our customers can offer their consumers furniture items custom-built to their specific wishes.

Designs with fabric, leather, wood and metal

With our broad selection of fabrics and leather, plus metal and wooden feet, all in a wide range of colours, our customers have the opportunity to create an entirely unique and personal item of furniture.


Hjort Knudsen is one of the biggest suppliers of upholstered furniture to furniture stores in many European countries and also offers sales support in these regions.

All production takes place at Hjort Knudsen’s own European manufacturing plants, and is performed by 2600 skilled employees.

Our prototypes are tested thoroughly and every single product we produce undergoes a rigorous quality control procedure to comply with our high standards.

Hjort Knudsen is continuously investing in the latest technologies, manufacturing facilities and most importantly, skilled employees, so we can create value for our customers – both now and in the future.